Reducing Emissions and Climate risk

To demonstrate that Advance Construction Scotland Ltd are taking action towards reaching net zero carbon by 2050, we follow all government guidelines and comply with all government legislation in our approach to sustainable development in reducing our carbon footprint. In doing so we have completed our Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Phase 2 assessment along with recording our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions as part our Streamline Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) process which is detailed within our financial statement for 2020. As a business, we strongly believe that we have a responsibility to help our staff, customers, and partners achieve Net-Zero and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help meet the UK government 2050 Net-Zero target.

Safeguarding and protecting the environment is one of most important values to the business. By reinforcing this, demonstrates our commitment in minimising our environmental input of our operations and supply chain while increasing the energy and resource efficiency throughout all Advance Group of companies.

Eliminating Poverty and Deliver Justice through Inclusion and Equality

Advance Construction (Scotland) Ltd, is committed to achieving a working environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, disability, religious beliefs, age or sexual orientation.

The business aim is to provide a service that does not discriminate against its clients and customers in how they can access the services and goods supplied by the company. The business believes that all employees and clients are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.

As a business Advance Construction (Scotland) Ltd has a duty to make reasonable adjustments to facilitate the employment who requires assistance in the workplace.  These include:

Making adjustments to premises

  • Re-allocating some or all of an employee’s duties
  • Transferring an employee to a role better suited to their disability
  • Relocating an employee to a more suitable office
  • Giving an employee time off work for medical treatment or rehabilitation
  • Providing training or mentoring for an employee
  • Supplying or modifying equipment, instruction and training manuals for employees

All employees, subcontractors and agents of Advance Construction (Scotland) Ltd are required to act in a way that does not subject any other employees or clients to direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, disability, religion, age or sexual orientation.

Advance Construction (Scotland) Ltd applies this principle towards diversity and inclusion in the recruitment, selection, training, appraisal, development and promotion of all employees.  The company ensures that all sub-contractors and agents act in accordance with Advance Construction (Scotland) Ltd Policies and procedures for eradicating poverty and delivering justice through inclusion and equality.