Multi-Utility Division

Our Utilities Division is the newest part of our business and we’re delighted to be able to extend our services to offer greater convenience to our customers.  We know that co-ordinating services can be a challenge. It involves more complex project management and can lead to delays if contractors are involved in other work.

Making Projects Simpler

That’s why we’ve expanded our services to include Advance Utilities. We’re accredited under the Gas Industry Registration Scheme, Water Industry Registration  Scheme and the National Electricity Registration Scheme to offer a wide range of services.

Our employees’ training and accreditation now allows us to design and install gas, water and electricity infrastructure as an integral part of every construction project. This complements our current ground works and civil engineering work by ensuring a seamless transition between each project phase. We are also working with external clients across a wide range of industry sectors.


Customer Focused

We deliver customer focused service in everything we do. That has lead us to design a suite of services that we can adapt to the needs of each customer and individual project. We invest heavily in training to ensure that our employees are fully qualified. They’re also directly employed which we believe leads to a greater commitment to excellent customer service and a high quality end result.

We’re able to start from scratch and offer a full design package for new buildings requiring gas, water and electricity infrastructure installation. We can also help with projects that call for existing utilities to be diverted or extended.

Everything Your Project Needs

We’ve found that utility installers can vary in the services that they’re able to offer and the type of work that they do. Our range of services is designed to ensure that we’re able to install whatever your project requires. We have the capability to install all diameters of gas and water mains and up to 11kv electric as well as being able to include substation and gas governor installations. We can also work with complex and non-complex connections.

We know that the technical and compliance elements of a project can also be highly demanding. To give our customers peace of mind, we include full testing and commissioning services across every utility installation. We’re also able to co-ordinate technical approval for water design and offer asset adoption packages for gas and electricity services.

Keeping The Budget On Track

Of course, while we focus on customer service we know that cost is an important consideration for our customers. Our range of services across ground works, engineering and utilities installation allows us to tender competitively by providing a streamlined and co-ordinated service across the whole project. We can co-ordinate excavation before utilities installation begins and backfill and reinstatement once it’s complete, meaning reduced project management costs for our customers. We’ll even provide flexible payment options to reduce the need for up-front payments.

We’re excited to be able to support our customers by extending our services and look forward to hearing from you if you’d like to know more.