Flooring Division

Our commitment to providing a full range of construction solutions for our customers led to the creation of Advance Flooring Solutions in 2015. Since the division was established we have gone from strength to strength, working with businesses throughout the UK.

Advance Flooring Solutions offer a wide variety of reinforced concrete flooring solutions and screed toppings, from joint less reinforced slabs to large outdoor hard standings.

We employ highly skilled staff and invest in their training to keep them up to date with the latest technologies and flooring solutions. We also own a wide range of modern plant and equipment which is subject to regular high level maintenance and calibration. Our customers can be confident of achieving a high quality result on every installation.

Our attention to detail means that we only work with the finest quality products as these produce the best results.


Our Materials

Concrete flooring technology is constantly evolving to meet industry needs. This is particularly evident in the development of self-compacting concrete. Self-compacting concrete has revolutionised flooring systems as it can be installed quickly and economically. It offers reduced cracking and shrinking and is very durable. This innovative material also has health and safety benefits as there is no need for vibration tools. That means a quieter site and no vibration exposure for our employees.

By contrast, steel fibre reinforced concrete remains the best material for a wide range of uses. Steel fibres have a superb track record since they were first introduced in 1984. They provide an economical way of toughening concrete floors to withstand every type of stress. They can be used in a variety of ways from internal flooring in commercial developments through to industrial applications including external pavements. Another important factor is the amount of time it saves. The steel is added to the concrete at a specified dose during manufacturing. That makes inspection more straightforward and eliminates the need for steel to be pre-applied on site, dramatically reducing project timescales.

We work with flowing floor screeds, which have proved their reliability over the last 20 years. They can be installed quickly and are often able to be put into use within 24 hours of installation. This shortens the overall project time by allowing other contractors access to the site much more quickly than on projects where sand and cement systems are used.

Our Service

Advance Flooring Solutions have worked with our strategic partners and customers across the UK to offer a complete service. We put our 30 years’ experience to good use, offering straightforward and commercial advice from planning and installation through to ongoing maintenance.

  • Floor design and survey
  • Full reinforcement and armour joint install
  • Concrete pumping Laying and finishing concrete
  • Fiber reinforced slabs
  • Metal decking and concrete slab packages
  • Saw cutting

What sets Advanced Flooring Solutions apart is our attention to detail, industry leading know-how and the ability to meet the needs of our clients every time. We look forward to telling you more about how our innovative solutions can benefit your project.